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Thank you all! ❤️

Hello dear brothers & sisters in Christ,

  I am so impressed with you all this week and so thankful for everyone’s hard work, determination & dedication. We had a few bakers cancel at the last minute for our fundraiser this weekend. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and disappointed. But God had it already handled. We raised a whopping $1,022. towards the new El Sembrador! 

   Thank you so much to Andrew for hosting this fundraiser in his beautiful family restaurant. To Caity, Donna, Grace, Lana @ Gluten Free Guilt & Emily @ Chickadee Cookie Co for your amazing baking. We are so impressed with everyone pulling together and doing their share to make this a success. We also thank each and everyone that came out to visit and purchase our baking. We hope you enjoy every bite & are as blessed as we are. 

    We always leave the fundraisers a bit tired but full of gratitude when we see the community support and financial benefit towards the mission. The truth is we really have no idea how deep the fruit of our labour goes. We’re not just helping the men of El Sembrador get clean and sober or helping the homeless find a home. We are helping lost men find Jesus and transform their lives. We’re seeing marriages saved & families restored. These men then share the gospel with their friends and it continues on for the glory of God. We are humble folks making an impact in the lives of the Mexican people and it’s an honour to serve. 


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