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🍪 Bake Sale Fundraiser 🧁

 Mexico 4 Missions is in our last few days of fundraising if we are going to meet our deadline to purchase the new building with the greenhouses etc for El Sembrador by November 1st. We have $25K to go! It’s a lot but we know God is able. Our bake sale fundraiser was such a success we want to offer you more baking by Caity. All sales are by a suggested donation. However, feel free to donate more to help us reach our goal! 🙌 

Cinnamon rolls (8) $25.

Homemade bread (2 loaves) $12.

Dinner rolls (16) $12.

Chocolate chip cookies (12) $15.

Double chocolate chip cookies (12) $15.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cake cookies (12) $20.

Chocolate Truffles (12) $15. 

     🎁 These make amazing gifts! 🎁 

    All orders placed will be filled in 48 hours. If your order is available sooner you will be contacted. Please call Caity to place your order (250) 254-4339. Thank you for supporting our mission. May God richly bless you! ❤️


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