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Serving the Lord, raising funds to provide food, water & shelter etc to
El Sembrador & Espigas Neuvas rehabs in Ensenada, Mex.

Missions Trip 2019

Our team went to Ensenada, Mex. to build a kitchen for El Sembrador rehab  & we fell in love with the people. Please enjoy these photographs that highlight some of our adventure and give you a glimpse of life in Ensenada. For more information on who we are and our mission please read "Our Story."

El Sembrador Fundraiser

A massive thank-you to the Creston community for helping us fundraise to purchase a building for El Sembrador rehab in Ensenada, Mex. We are mow fundraising to purchase bunk beds, greenhouses etc to help the rehab become self sufficient. 

 Every Day Fundraisers 

Save -On Foods Gift Cards

   A great way to support M4M's is to purchase gift cards. You get the full amount of groceries you spend on a gift card & we make a small profit towards our mission. They also make a fabulous gift!
To order your gift cards for M4M's please call Earl (250) 428-0736 

Creston Bottle Depot Fundraiser


Another great way to support M4M's is by donating your empty bottles & cans to our account at the Creston Bottle Depot. Simply drop them off and let the staff know they are for M4M's. If you require bottle pick up please call Earl & Donna (250) 431-3016. (minimum donation required for pick up)

Bake Sale Fundraiser

Our bake sale fundraiser was such a success we want to offer you more baking by Caity. All sales are by a suggested donation. However, feel free to donate more to help us reach our goal! 

Cinnamon rolls (8) $20. 
Homemade bread (2 loaves) $12.
Dinner rolls (16) $10.
Chocolate chip cookies (12) $12.
Double chocolate chip cookies (12) $12.
Pumpkin Cheesecake Cake cookies (12) $15.
Chocolate Truffles (12) $12.

All orders placed will be filled in 48 hours. If your order is available sooner you will be contacted. Please call Caity to place your order (250) 254-4339. Thank you for supporting our mission. May God richly bless you! 

Please see our " Important Updates " blog posts for more fundraisers

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